Welcome to THE FOOD INTERPRETER, a nutritional consultancy run by Olga Chupina.

Olga is a firm believer, that health is not a given, everyone has the power to shape their health by eating the right foods and living the right lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking to lose weight, address specific health concerns, improve energy levels, support longevity or simply learn to eat better, Olga will support you through your journey towards your personal health goals.

In addition to one-to-one consultations, THE FOOD INTERPRETER also provides group educational sessions and corporate wellness programs.

Find out more about my practice through the pages of this website or contact me to discuss how nutritional therapy can benefit you.

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My company mission is:

  • Assisting clients on their path from disease to health and vitality by addressing the fundamental causes of health concerns through personalized nutritional programs;

  • Finding sustainable solutions to clients’ health and nutritional challenges;

  • Encouraging people to make healthful food the first line of defence rather than the last resort;

Approach    Services & Fees

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