Initial Consultation

YOUR needs, YOUR health status and YOUR lifestyle are always the starting point. Prior to the first appointment you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and a food diary. The information that you provide will form the basis for a more in-depth discussion during the initial session and will allow to conduct preliminary research and use the consultation time more effectively.

The first consultation will take up to 1½ hours during which your personal health goals, medical history, symptoms and diet will be explored. We will discuss dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to existing symptoms and focus on the improvement plan and the path forward.

Following the first session you will receive a personalized program detailing dietary advice, suggestions for lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations as well as tools that can help you to implement the program successfully: recipes, cooking tips, shopping lists, etc.

Initial consultation – 120 euros

Follow-up consultation

The follow-up session is usually scheduled 4-6 weeks after the first appointment to discuss progress, challenges, test results (if applicable) and to fine-tune the programme as needed.

The number of any subsequent sessions depends upon your individual circumstances and is agreed upon according to your requirements and progress.

Follow up consultation – 70 euros

General dietary advice/guidance

This 1 hour consultation is ideal for those who are not looking to address any specific health concerns but would like to review their diet and learn more about healthy eating. Prior to our meeting, you will be asked to fill in a 3 day food diary. During the session we will look at your dietary habits and lifestyle and work together to come up with simple and effective action plan.

General dietary advice/guidance – 65 euros

Sessions paid up to 5 working days before the scheduled session are subject to 7% discount.

Full fee will be charged for consultations cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled session.