A good diet is the cornerstone of health. In this context, I see my role as a nutritional therapist in assisting clients in laying this all-important foundation and building upon it in order to maximize their individual health potential and achieve their personal best.

In fulfilling this role, I work together with clients to find sustainable solutions to their nutritional and health challenges. Sustainability comes from identifying ultimate health goals, individualizing the health improvement plans to suit clients’ lifestyles and actively facilitating the process of transition to new more healthful eating habits.
To this end, I take time to learn about my clients’ needs, wants and preferences first, to be able to provide them with information, tools and resources that can make their journey towards better health quicker and more enjoyable. I aspire to make healthy eating approachable, stress-free and most importantly delicious. I would like to inspire clients to see the dietary transformation as an adventure of discovering new ingredients and exciting flavours.

Transformation is a process and ups and downs are inevitable. I find it important to celebrate clients’ successes and support and coach them through any difficulties so that they maintained positivity, motivation and a sense of control during their pursuit of better health and well-being.

“My ultimate goal as a nutritional therapist is to help clients live a heathy and active lifestyle and enjoy their life to the fullest”

Nutritional science is a rapidly developing field and it is my responsibility and my pleasure to continue learning and evolving professionally. I am committed to enhancing my knowledge and skills not only through formal training and staying abreast of the latest research, but also through evidence-based practice, collaboration with other health professionals and daily interactions with clients.

professional philosophy